Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day 8: Healing

Still have the postoperative depression and I suspect I will have it for a while until I start to see results.

I do see a LITTLE bit of swelling going down as each day passes.

My bruises are like 100% gone. Today was the first day I felt 100% normal (other then the way I looked) I was in no pain what so ever and I don't know I just felt normal. Other then being able to feeeeel the swelling.

I feel like these days I don't have much to say since everything's fine now I'm just waiting for the swelling to go down.

The dissolvable stitches have been coming out because they're healed so thats a good sign.

Thats basically it. Sorry they're getting boring and will get more boring as the days go on lol.

I won't see my doctor again until the end of June so I guess I can blog the day I see him. And I will probably stop blogging in a couple days as there is nothing really new happening or different.


  1. Thats good you are feeling better with no pain and no bruises :) and I love watching your videos and you are so talented! cant wait to see your results! :D

  2. Keep blogging Steph :) You are such a trooper. Recovery is hard!

    I just had a wisdom tooth pulled out 2 days ago and I know exactly how you feel. I have stitches in my cheek that I feel I'm tugging on whenever I move around. I can only open my jaw a tiny bit.

    Feel better soon :)

  3. I messaged you before your surgery, because I had double foot surgery. Just so you know, I went through the same depression! It was really tough, and I cried for no reason and hated being alone even for like an hour. Having my family around to hang out and watch movies and do silly things at home was really great! And it really gets so much better. As soon as your comfortable enough to be out and about and getting back into the normal swing of things you'll feel so much better! Hang tough. <3

  4. this depression reminds me of me, 2 months ago i got jaw surgery done, and i would be so upset everytime i woke up and didnt see my face getting better it would suck so bad. I just saw your "New me" video and you look great, congratz on going through all that to achieve your goal! you look gorgeous.

  5. I just saw your 'New Me !' Video, you look soo beautiful!
    & your nose looks awesome!

  6. Oh you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon. Remember, this time is only a blimp on the radar screen of your life :)


  7. How are you doing now? Are you happy? Can you post some post op pics? I have a consultation with dr rival in april and very nervous. I am very interested in knowing how you are doing...