Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day 7: Healing

So postoperative depression hit today.

My swelling on my nose was so bad I just didn't even want to look at myself, or go out in public so I basically just spent the day icing my face and putting on the traumeel cream and taking arnica.

Literally nothing exciting about this day, I just spent the whole day really sad.


  1. awww steph! =/ chin up! i hope you the swelling goes down and you feel much better sooooon!! you're already gorgeous as can be anyway :) can't wait for you to feel happier and more excited about the way you look!!! best wishes!

  2. awwee don't feel sad !!
    your fans love you :)
    Hope you get back on youtube soooooooon :D
    AND FEEEL BETTAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!