Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 6: Healing

So today was the bigggg dayyyyy! SPLINT OFF!!

Since I didn't actually have stitches on the outside because I had a closed rhinoplasty not open rhinoplasty then all I needed to do was have the splint off.

Had to drive to newmarkert, ontario for this appointment which is like an hour away from me which sucks lol. So as were almost there we get a call from the place saying my doctor called in sick with the stomach flu. Greeeeeeeat. But then they told us a nurse would take off the splint for me and stuff, so it was all good.

Getting the splint off DID hurt, it might be because mine was taken off pretty close after surgery and my nose was still super tender. It hurt but was bearable, my eyes didn't water or anything. She didn't clean out the inside of my nose because it's SO swollen inside. That was it. I looked in the mirror and my thoughts were "....woah.. so different" I still don't really recognize myself!

My nose is SO swollen. When I say so swollen I mean like SOOO swollen. I opened up photobooth on my computer to look at a picture of me before, then looked at me now and basically my new nose looks bigger then my old nose, thats how swollen lol. But I can see its going to look ammmmazing, the bump is gone and its got this amazing soft curve of a bridge, I also got the tip reduced but you obviously can't tell right now. The tip of your nose swells the most and stays swollen the longest. It will look better in like a week or so, and I will see MOST results in about 6-8 weeks, but I won't see full full results for like 1-2 years.

Since I have a youtube and want it to be a surprise for everybody I will NOT be posting any pictures until I feel like my nose looks nice enough for the big reveal to everybody. So this blog will not contain any pictures until I reveal my nose on youtube in a week or two. When thats done I'll come back to this blog and upload the necessary photos that go with each date for people who are still curious on the whole daily basis process dealioooo haha

My bruises are still super yellow but getting better.

I have a new cream I'm going to be using on my nose and under my eyes for bruising and swelling. I got it from a vitamin and its called "Traumeel"

Not going to lie, the size of the tip of my nose right now is making me depressed and I hope it significantly decreases otherwise I'm not going to be happy and may want to go under another rhinoplasty procedure in the future to correct it. It just looks weird to me.. but I have to keep positive because I know it will change.

As always my nose is hurting again at night, sooo I'm going to try to get to bed because I hate being awake during the pain.


  1. Stay positive! I'm sure it will look amazing when its all healed :) I'm excited to see the before?after comparison.

  2. Wow! I was in Newmarket today, what a coincidence. Hope all goes well!

  3. Why did you have to go all the way to Newmarket to get your splint taken off? I thought your surgeon was near Eglinton? :S

    Anyways, AHHH. I can't wait to see the results of how it turned out. Don't be too down, you're still early in the recovery stage, so I'm sure the swelling will tone down a lot.

    Get well soon <3 .

  4. I can't wait to see the results in 1 or 2 weeks!

    Hope the tip of your nose is going to swell down soon :)

    Hope you're getting well soon! <3

  5. I love! your videos on youtube I watch them all the time Im obessed with youtube and I love makeup! Cant wait to see your results and hope you get to feeling better soon! :)

  6. I am so glad you are doing this. I, too, had plastic surgery, and it's nothing anyone needs to be ashamed of, so I'm glad you are still remaining confident and upbeat about it all. I know it's hard to keep up a positive attitude, but it sounds like you're doing just fine! =] The results and even the healing process look great, and I'm so excited to see what it looks like in a few weeks! I'm proud of you for doing this for YOU and not caring what others think. =]

  7. i Live in newmarket :D
    im so glad that your doing what makes you happy and im sure the results will be amazing :) just remember your beautiful inside and out and who gives a crap what people say.
    stay awesome :)
    - Ash

  8. i wouldnt worry to much if i was you steph!! i was looking up online about the swelling of the tip after rhinoplasty and soooooooo many people were going through the same thing saying they were not too happy at the way it looked but after a couple months it looked great! patience is the key with rhinoplasty but obviousley we want to see results quciker lmao so dont worry too much aabout it. u shud just try not looking in the mirror as much and analyzing it too much cuz then ur just gunna stress urself out more just relax and wait a lil while and itll be alright :)

  9. atleast now you can see.. and watch the sweling go down.. lol! cant wait to see it!!

  10. i awarded you with the stylish blogger award! come check it out on my blog. its my newest blog. <3 :) and good luck on your recovery! i'm sure you're going to look FABULOUS! :)

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