Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 4: Healing

I haven't taken any pain medication yet today and it's 4 pm. Bruises are quite yellow today.

I feel like I might have an infection in my right nostril on the inside, I'm seeing my doctor on Monday so he will tell me what it is.

Nothing out of the ordinary today, I put some saline solution on two cotton balls and put them in my nostrils for 10 minutes in hopes that the saline would help loosen up the scars. It helped a little bit in one nostril more than the other. But I still can't breathe.

I took off my gauze moustache today because I stopped bleeding. But I still have this annoying dripping of like mucus or discharge of some sort.

Took a bath today as well which was nice, and well needed!

Swelling is not as much as yesterday but I'm still pretty swollen.

Sleeping realllly sucks. I can never get comfortable really easily. Certain ways you position you head put pressure on your nose which hurts. I basically always wake up at like 9 am now because I just can't sleep, and I used to be able to sleep in til like 1 pm haha

Also, never realized this til today because I always had the moustache on which covered my top lip but it's like as if my top lip is frozen in place lol. When I smile it looks so silly because the top lip just kinda stays whe way it is haha, my doctor said this is natural though and it will go away.

I think I've also gotten a few bumps on the skin above my upper lip from the hydrogen peroxide. I'm sure they will go away eventually. I'll put some polysporin on them tonight.

Hit my nose today when I went to go hug my boyfriend and boy did that hurt.. ended up taking a pain med for that :( Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to take any!

Also, ended up putting the drip back on around 9 pm because I kept dabbing my nose when the mucus or whatever it is would drip and I didn't want to irritate my nose so I'd rather just keep the drip on for as long as needed.

It's 11 pm and I took the drip off. Going to try sleeping with it off tonight. 


  1. i have to say, reading these blogs makes me feel sick to my stomach, like it's me having all the uncomfortable pain! haha! but i want to know how it's going for you so i just read anyway, lol! i hope you can sleep and feel much much better soon!! can't wait to see the beautiful results! :)

  2. Hope you're recovering well <3

  3. How much did it cost? I am really insecure about my nose as well and I have been looking into it...
    I understand it isn't going to be the same cost in my area, but I'm just looking for an estimate..
    Hope you're doing well! It's going to look great :)

  4. hope you love your reesults i really want to see how it turns out cuz ive been looking into dr rival. do u know how many surgeries he does throughout the year and how much he charges? maybe you could do a video answering these type of questions after your healed for the people who are looking into rhinoplasty as well!! :D

  5. Awww! You hurt you're healing nose just to hug your boyfriend! That's love<33 Haha.

  6. Aww. I hope your little nosey comes out just the way you want it to! I feel the same way you felt before your operation. I HATE my nose! well, hope all is good for you :)