Friday, 6 May 2011

Day 3: Healing

So I've heard that day 2 and 3 are always the worst anddddd so far I agree.
Yesterday sucked, a lot. My eyes were a bit sunk in underneath my eye but then were very swollen around my cheek area, but today EVERYTHING is swollen. The hollows are filled in to be swollen and I just feel like a balloon face.

I've been icing it in hopes of it to come down a bit and I guess it's helped a little bit.

I hope that today is the peak of the swelling and that it won't get worse tomorrow.

Still have my moustache on, I'm hoping today will be the last day for that. It's not bleeding a lot at all, but here and there. I'd rather just keep it on and have it catch the blood. I also feel "safer" with it on. I've kind of just gotten used to it. The first day it would need to be changed every like 15 minutes, but today I could get away with changing it every few hours but I'm a pretty sanitary person so I'm going to change it about every hour or so.

Still cleaning the outside and just slightly inside of my nostrils with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide (3%)
kind of too scared to use saline or something on the inside. I don't know it just worries me.

No pain at all except for a pressure/pulling feeling still on where my stitches are on the inside. Bearable pain though.

I plan on forcing myself to eat all my meals today because I don't want a redo of last night.

Can't wait for the moustache to permanently be off though because it's what is preventing me from tasting any food. Which sucks haha cause I loveeeee food <3

One thing I've got to say is pretty frustrating is you're not supposed to put your head down, which is so hard because I never realized how often I did tilt my head down! so when you're going down the stairs make sure you really hold onto the railing because you can't look down at the stairs, etc.

I got a saline spray today for my nose. There's so much dried blood high up in my nose that I have no idea how to get it out because I don't want to touch my nose too much. So I'm gonna try to soften it by using saline spray a few times a day. After I used that I used a bit of polysporin on a q-tip around the nostrils and I bit inside because they are getting dry. If you are allergic to polysporin you can also use vaseline.

It's just about 8 pm today and I've only taken one T3 today which is awesome, I'm in like no pain at all! I hit a stitch earlier which put me in some pain, but I didn't take pain medicine for it, and then the pain went away in a bit :)

It's getting harder and harder to breathe everyday becauuuuse of all the dried blood which just adds to the frustration of the way you look. This process isn't a painful one its just ANNOYING. lol
You take for granted how awesome it is to be able to breathe, or to blow your nose when you can't do either!

Took off the moustache to take a picture of you guys of what it looks like underneath :)


  1. wow hardly any bruising! I'm so glad you're recovering well, and I cannot wait to see it without the splint, it's going to look so beautiful!

  2. glad you're doing better! <3

  3. keep it up steph stay strong and keep thinking positive!! :) you def are looking much better as far as healing goes. can't wait to see the final results haha I bet you are so excited

  4. I thought you were super goreous before, but i think you will look stunning once its done healing(: Good luck with recovery!(:

  5. Hey, I sent you a message on youtube, i hope you read it and good luck with your new nose!! I bet it's gonna look AMAZING!! :DD and you will look even more beautiful!! but please look for my message on youtube, my user name is JessicaRyderMusic its an important message that reflects your last few tweets that really caught my eye and i would love it if you could help me out!! I hope you feel soooo much better about your appearance when you heal!!! and also i love that you're letting us all know how you're doing and telling us your experience!!

  6. aw you look so cute. i'm so excited for you!! thanks for sharing this journey. :)

  7. wtf! you look great !!! O: lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. omg i dreamed of you and your nose last night :D and i dreamed that your nose looks so good :) lol

    xoxo :)

  9. so glad you're doing better! <3
    i can't wait to see your nose when everything's over :)


  10. It looks like you're recovering really well :]

  11. Glad everything went well !
    I can't wait to see it when it's fully healed !

  12. You are quite swollen but I'm sure you will be so happy with the results and you will look gorgeous (even though you already were) (: Stay strong and get well soon<3

  13. Hey, you are still cute, even with your bandage!

  14. you are beautiful and you made the right decision!:))))

  15. You shouldn't use Peroxide. From what I know it kills the cells that are trying to heal tissue. Use salin, it's used on patients today who have wounds.

    Hope this is helpful.

  16. YOU GOOO GURL :)
    you look a lot better <3

  17. Hi! I watch your videos even though I'm not a subscriber... I went to school in Oakville so it's nice watching videos by someone around where I live... I think it's great you decided to do this. I've had surgery to remove an insecurity of mine and I'm so happy I did it, no matter how sucky the recovery process was. Can't wait to see when the bandages come off :)


  18. oh my word you already look so different, and a lot younger! especially in this pic